About Us

Ambasciatori Unconventional Club Restaurant proposes, starting in Naples with two locations and then landing in Capri, a Dinner Show experience with an international flair.

The attention and sophistication of the artistic direction allows the venue to have artists of multiple nationalities perform in a show with attention to detail. From costumes to sets, choreography to musical arrangements, a crescendo of emotions will accompany you from dinner until the DJ set.

A musical journey that crosses genres and boundaries, allowing each guest to discover new nuances and styles of entertainment.
With 3 venues spread between Naples and Capri, our "unconventional club" embodies a dreamlike vision, where past and present come together to revolutionize the concept of clubbing.
Via Francesco Crispi, 33, 80121 Naples NA
Art and creative director : Mimmo Esposito
Public relation : Roberto Loiacono
Category manager : Luca Di Martino